You can now see all the events that took place live on Facebook and YouTube again below. Please share them with your family and friends.

Stories for Bairns & Bairns at Hairt - 4.30pm

Join professional storyteller Pauline Cordiner as she tells the first in a series of three stories all themed around the names of the lanes in Keith. You can find out more about Pauline on her website.

Virtual Dance - 7pm

14 bands make up the line up for the Virtual Dance this year with a programme of easy Old Time Dances that you can join in with at home.

MC: William Williamson

Sing-a-round - 8.30pm

Join some weel kent faces for a fun sing-a-round session. Make sure you join us live so you can get in your requests! Singers include: Joe Aitken, Ellie Beaton, Jim & Kate Taylor, Margaret Bennett and Carole & Alan Prior

Host: Gary Coull