2022 Results

Here you can see the results of the 2022 Virtual Competitions
and watch the Prizewinners Concert again.

Bothy Ballad


1st - Shona Anderson

2nd - Geordie Murison

3rd - Allan Taylor


1st - Rhiann Matthew
2nd - Abbie Nye
3rd - Cassie Findlay

1st - Emma Cameron
2nd - Mimi Spence
3rd - Kitty Sykes

12 & under
1st - Andrew Farquharson
2nd - Bethyn Wood
3rd - Lexi Russell

10 & under
1st - Seren Campbell
2nd - Mia McCallum
3rd - Melissa Starrs


1st - Finn Hope
2nd - Abbie Christie

12 & under
1st - Alistair Adamson
2nd - Emily Gold
3rd - Calum Gardiner


13 & over
1st - Kirsty Simmers

12 & under
1st - Jenna Johnstone
2nd - Harvey Chalmers

Traditional Singing

13 & under
1st -  Ellen Largue
2nd - Kirsty Simmers
3rd - Ethan Milne

10 & under
1st -  Tia Auchnie
2nd - Anna Milne

7 & under
1st - Isabella Tierney
2nd - Robyn Coutts
3rd - Lanna Auchnie

Men's Singing - Traditional

1st - Doug Hay
2nd - Ian Russell
3rd - John Dickson

Women's Singing - Traditional

1st - Moira Stewart
2nd - Natalie Chalmers
3rd - Katelyn Adams

Best Local Singer

1st - Diane Morrison
2nd - Gary Stewart


1st  -  Gary Coull
2nd - Natalie Chalmers
3rd - Gary Stewart

13 & under
1st - Ellen Largue
2nd - Lewis Simmers
3rd  - Cameron Simmers

10 & under
1st - Anna Milne
2nd - Molly Cole
3rd - Oscar Chalmers

7 & under
1st - Robyn Coutts
2nd - James Weir
3rd - Lanna Auchnie

1st - James & Grant Weir

Ian Middleton Poetry Competition

Adjudicator Rev Dr Kay Gauld said:
It is a recht honour tae hae been invited tae be the judge o this competition. I jist loved readin aa the entries in this section. Onybody faa reads these wid be fair trickit an hae a smile on their “fizzogs” for the rest o the day! It wis SO difficult tae choose a winner as I enjoyed readin each an ivery ane. Ye aa deserve a muckle slap on the back an a herty “Weel dane!”

Ah made ma final choices based on Doric vocabulary and the development o the theme o the poem. They were aa so clivver! Keep up yer enthusiasm an guid wirk for the Doric! Ye are aa winners in my een although Ah wis telt that I hid tae choose a winner. So here goes!

1st - Noah Crocket - "My Breether Riley" - watch the video of Noah's poem here
2nd - Noah Reid - "My Dugs" - watch the video of Noah's poem here
3rd - Rowan-May Blake - "My Mam" - watch the video of Rowan-May's poem here

Charles Murray Competition

Adjudicator Rev Dr Kay Gauld said:
It is a recht honour tae hae been invited tae be the judge o the Charles Murray Competition, anither local poet faa’s poetry I hiv used in ma ane job. These poets demonstrated advanced knowledge o the Doric language and its wunnerfu expressions as well as skilfully pittin their stories intae metered and rhymin verse which isna easy! Weel dane aabody! Ye deserve a skelp on the back and a muckle roon o applause! I really enjoyed these poems. Do keep up yer Doric language and write again next ‘ear! It wis a real chauve tae chose the winner. So here goes! 

1st - Gillian & Barron Stevenson - " The Heilin Coo" - watch a video of Gillian & Barron's poem here
2nd = Lesely & Luisa Watt - "Best Friends - Maw and Me" - watch a video of Lesley & Luisa's poem here
2nd = Gillian & Dexter Stevenson - "Oor Dug Ozzy" - watch a video of Gillian & Dexter's poem here

Aultgowrie Poetry Competition

Adjudicator Rev Dr Kay Gauld said:
It wis a great honour an privilege tae be asked tae judge this competition wi its ootstannin entries. Ivery poem demonstrated the full potential o the Doric language tae draa wird picturs that touched the hert and hid ma greetin an the next minute hid ma lachin. These wird picturs also brocht back happy memories o ma ane country days. A great deal o thocht an wirk his given intae each poem wi regard tae vocabulary, expression, rhyme, and the development o the theme wi some lovely surprise eynes. It wis an even greater chauve tae choose a winner in this competition, bit here goes.

1st - Caroline Fowler - "For... Her Majesty the Queen"  - watch the video of Caroline's poem here
2nd - Caroline Fowler – “In Remembrance o James"
3rd - Adeline Reid - "A Gaan Aboot Wifie"  - watch a video of Adeline's poem here

JIM BROWN - "The Lan Spiks”
MAY BRUCE - “Dinna Let Wir Doric Dee!”
HELEN CLARK - “Quizzes”
MARIAN CORBETT - “A Canna Stan Thon Advert.”
MILDRED COUTTS - “A Bit Of Nonsense”
MILDRED COUTTS - “Medicinal Compound”
CHARLIE DOUGLAS - “Wheels O’ Fairmin’ “
AGNES McRAE - "Echoes O’ The Past”
AGNES McCRAE - “The Snowdrop”
HAROLD M. MURRAY - “Climate Change”
HAROLD M. MURRAY - “Think Hard”
CHARLIE SIMPSON - “The Sun Aye Shone Fin I Wiz a Bairn!“
BRIAN THOMSON - “Fits Wrang Wi The Warld"
SANDRA WOOD - “Dear Lizzie" 

Composition Competition

1st -